COVID-19 RECOVERY UPDATE: We are carefully monitoring the coronavirus pandemic both at home and in our destination countries. As the vaccination process continues to evolve and the current status is (status) from the U.S. to Morocco.

ROUGH DRAFT COPY Philosophical  overview (tweaked David Hobby) “NameLogo” is an international cultural and photographic experience hosted by a unique mix of locals, professional photo-journalists, photographers and designers (rw). Our mission is to immerse you into the genuine culture; the people, the food, the locations and to broaden your growth both as a traveler and a photographer. We straddle he line between tour and workshop with plenty of both.

The copy contained here is the most critical in describing our approach–separtating us from “tours,” “trips,” excursions and safaris.. A couple touch points are: cultural deep dive, relaxed approach versus rigid structure, the group dynamic dictates the (trips) direction, let the experience come to you versus you chasing it, etc…  Prepare yourself for an epic adventure unlike anything might have imagined…

Joseph Van Os Photo Safaris has been the world leader in innovative photography tours and workshops since 1980. Our photo tours are built from the ground up for—and by—photographers who want you to experience and photograph the world’s top wildlife, nature and traditional cultures locations. Our well-planned itineraries include lodging, meals, ground transportation and thoughtful, world-class professional photographer guides. Travel with congenial, like-minded and enthusiastic photographers, of all levels, whose primary interest is outdoor photography.

Travel Inside the Culture

Traveling as a small group to some of the world’s most captivating cities. We pace your exploration integrating a team environment, which heightens your skills and enriches your experience.

Although we are guided by an itinerary–we wander and explore—allowing the surroundings to unfold. We make pictures. We edit together, both peer-to-peer and instructor-to-student. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Let Us Be Your Guide

Let us say from the start, we promote a “lace-up your hiking shoes” approach rather than a “mint on your pillow.” Our local on the ground partners/guides connect us directly with the locals, which leads to amazing opportunities, great experiences and better photos.

We’ll dive into the local food culture, we share drinks and swap stories. Of note, if there is anything on our trip that competes with photography, it’s food.

If this sounds like you—or a version of you that could happen with a little nudge—then consider joining us on our next trip. We frequently facetime/Whatsapp and are happy to discuss details over the phone as well.

Our Approach

Our responsibility is to maximize your experience. We respond to your input, suggestions and informal instruction on anything related to photography, culture or history

We promote casual talks, briefings or workshops appropriate to each day’s activities

We provide flexible instruction topics to suit the dynamics of the group–on any skill level

We arrange accommodations typically in rental housing (each with full amenities, allowing you to safely store, recharge, clean and maintain your equipment) as a way to nurture a cohesive group dynamic

We establish pacing that will suit everyone’s photographic/exploration needs

We provide an environment conducive to learning from one another—all questions are encouraged, no inquiry too basic (RW)

We supply a pre departure packet with all details including advice as well as film and equipment recommendations (describe better)

Select amazing destinations with the most scenic impact