May 2017 Issue

This issues behind-the-scenes—Nuno Bettancourt’s Rig

Beginning with the Monthname 2017 V.16, N.5 issue, we plan to deliver via your email, a direct link to our new ToneQuest, “Behind the Scenes.” Included as part of your subscription, “Behind the Scenes” will reveal some backstories and other details that typically don’t make print.

In this issue, we met with Nuno Bettancourts guitar tech, Nelson “Bazooka” Akibua (not really). While examining the tone chain, we realized that his tone chi is backwards with his flangers up front, and ending with his Super Fatty Wah-Banger Pedal. Moreover, his tech controls all the switch for more better feng shui.


Lipsticks’ with a wang bar. Found in the swamps of Washington, D.C. the transaction was consummated when two, less than desirable K-street folks decided to run for orifice and needed some Jack. Jack bunny jump back slow, There are no visible blems, miraculous, considering it’s home was the trunk of a rusted out ’68 Caddy. Unfortunately, the receivers hair lice ate a hole in the neck plate, but it still beholden a tune


Pompero Firpo has been after the Holy-Grail of wah’s his entire adult life. In fact, to find an original Sound City Wha pedal containing the famed “halo inductor” required the “Wild Man of the Pompous an expensive yet satisfying trip to parts unknown–we know.

Geoffrey Teese’s “Real McCoy”


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